Tiny Book Review: Guest Review by JE Feldman: Fifthwind (The Kreggorian Book 1)



Quick Summary:

One time prodigy of the Royal Kreggorian Guard, soldier Ben Karr and his companion, Mason, arrive at Kishell Springs at the request of their old Royal Guard Captain, Tad Haddaway. Before long, they discover that Kishell Springs is hiding a secret that doesn’t take long to find Ben. Evil creatures,  known as Murgh, are rampaging through the town and preparing to destroy everything in their path. Ben must decipher the mystery of Fifthwind, also known as the Soul of the World, an energy force that ebbs and flows around every living thing, and is responsible for both magic and monsters. Although, he is gifted with Mindsight, Ben must quickly find a way to master Fifthwind if he is to learn the skills needed to save the human race from evil.

Guest JE Feldman’s Review:

The very first thing I noticed when opening up Ken Kiser’s book was the brilliant imagery he provides on the very first page. I immediately connected with Ben and Mason on their long journey through Kiser’s world, which starts off slowly so you get a feel for the main characters and their environment. The dedication to their tasks is incredible and the creatures they must face would send most others running. I love reading about heroes that have so much depth to them.

This book provides a map for the world but with a decent memory and imagination, you can visualize the map with all of the information given throughout the story. It begins to come together piece by piece as the main character Ben continues to travel. Plot twists keep you entertained throughout the story so you won’t want to put it down. One of my favorite parts was the magic aspect of the world with the ability to Shift (teleport) among other abilities.

I would definitely recommend this to other readers who enjoy wonderful heroes, detailed battles, and a fresh look into an amazing world.

Epic Fantasy with a Great Cast–Recommended 

3 Random Author Questions:

spewed out by Jasmine’s random question generator and graciously answered by this week’s author

  1. Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

A: That’s a tough one. It’s really a three-way tie as I poured a different trait that I admire into each character (and accompanied those with traits I see as flawed). But, if I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be Mason Corde.

Mason embodies loyalty and integrity. A soldier who sees the world in a very black and white way. He is not your typical ready-and-willing-to-kill kind of a soldier. No, he is in fact quite the huge loveable teddy-bear. Perhaps a deadly teddy-bear, but certainly a man you could call a friend.

To quote a paragraph from the book:

‘He was a proud man who believed in honor, righteousness, and the traditions of great heroes who had fought and died on the fields of courage. He believed that honor and integrity were matters of personal pride. To him, nobility was a virtue attainable by any man, and not a birthright reserved only for those of a haughty lineage.”

  1. First memorable book read as a child?

A: I can remember many early books I’ve read, but the first book that had an impact on me, in fact the first book that sparked a desire to write was, “The Martian Chronicles” by the great Ray Bradbury.

I was about seven when I read it and I can still remember thinking that it must be magic to be able to stir such vivid images in people’s heads. I knew I wanted to master the craft of writing at that moment. It’s an endeavor that I still pursue. Maybe someday I can reach a level that would make Mr. Bradbury proud.

  1. Which literary character do you wish you’d thought of?

A: Wow, again… so many to choose.

I’ve played this game many times with different results. But one character seems to always make my top five list and that is “Odd Thomas”–a character by Dean Koontz. I can’t even really tell you why other than I see the character as incredibly human. He is a character who seems to effortlessly translate into words on a page. Full of life and believable.  I will always hope and strive to write a character that well.

Up Coming for Ken Kiser: MAGUS (The Kreggorian Book 2)

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Ken Kiser Blog here!  http://thekreggorian.com

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