Fade Tales Artist: Theodora Squiggins

Fade Tales Artist: Ms. Theodora Squiggins


Theodora Squiggins is a marine biologist who lives in San Diego, California. She has six cats, three parrots, and five dogs (six, if you include her husband), and has published her very own novel, “How to Date A Cheese Dwarf in Five Days or Less.”



Prince Senciner in his cell

She is also my most wonderful muse-d’evil, her artwork is inspiring and absolutely in line with how I imagine my more infernal characters to look. Here is the poor, blind Prince Senciner in his over sized cloak of darkness awaiting the start of his (mis)adventure.


The Pit Devil Nivean

My main character, Nivean, a lowly devil of the pit, enslaved to Prince Senciner and either more or less than he appears to be.

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