Fade Tales Artist: Cheryl Moore

Fade Tales Artist: Ms. Cheryl Moore


A long, long time ago, I met an amazing woman online. In her head there existed an entire universe of stories and people. Sad and lonely people. Incredible and gifted people. Lost and dying people. All marked. All changed by some horrible dystopian thing. It was one of the most incredible, gorgeous and bewilderingly unpublished set if stories ever imagined. I know because I was fortunate enough to read some of them in their not-quite infancies. Not only were there stories, but also an INSANE collection of gorgeous sketches that accompany each and every story.

Her name is Cheryl Moore and one day I was fortunate enough that she sketched the opening scene from my novel The Fade Tales as a present for me.


This is my second POV character, Layla, currently running away from the fires she has managed to set at her group home. In the middle ground, you can just about make out the shape of staff member ‘Fat Sophie’ a blaze at the edge of the street. Also, my much loved falling-down gate is also present.

Click here for Cheryl Moore’s Dystopian World of UNBOUND BOXES LIMPING GODS ! Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed.

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